On finishing a hat.

Once upon a time I dreamed of having a knitting blog. That’s where I came into blogland, via knitting blogs, and those amazing people who knit Lots of Things and post pictures to prove it. But I became morose. I couldn’t ever knit as much stuff as those people knit. This made me sad. Makes. Makes me sad. So what to do?

Create a blog, and then, when I do finish something, post it. If it isn’t a knitting blog I have no preconceptions of creating knitted things with great frequency, but when I do finish things, I can bounce around in Joy. And I can make other things. And post them. And if they aren’t knit? So? Because, see, it isn’t a knit blog. (Insert Fozzie-like “Ahhh?!?”)

Sometimes I haven’t yet finished things. Look!

Neverending socks

I’ve been working on these for a long while. They’re a modified version of the Broadripple socks, knit in Cherry Tree Hill (mumble mumble colorway). I love the yarn, the pattern’s really easy, but they are taking forever to finish. I think it’s because they live in my bag, and when I’m out with the bag it means I’m out with the Boy, and watching him means fewer lace repeats, however easy to memorize. Next bag project: boring socks.

And wait, there’s more!

WIP Monica

This one is a birthday present for my wee friend Morgaine, whose birthday was last week. This does not make me a bad friend! Both sides are done… but they may need modification. I did mention growing, and four years old, right? New measurements are in order.

Finally, today’s project:

This hat is not finished

This is my standard baby hat pattern, learned somewhere and readily forgotten. This one is not finished, despite how it looks. It awaits adornment. It must be made special, for a very special girl is coming all the way from China for my hat. Um. To meet her new family, I mean. Stay tuned.

See, this makes me look productive, I think. Hmm. If I don’t write anything else, you might actually think I am.


2 thoughts on “On finishing a hat.

  1. Hey, socks! I notice those socks and grow hopeful . . .

    Yay, hat! What a lucky girl . . .

    And is that a swimsuit or tank top?

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