Up way too late.

Chris and I just had what I consider to be a classic fun Friday evening. We picked up a game called Starship Catan today, a further foray into the amazing Catan universe. This one is very detailed, has a similar feel to the Catan games but a definite tone of its own, and is specifically for two people, which we really liked. The game says that beginners with a first-time game might take 2 hours to play–as usual, you have to double it with us. It took us… um… 3-and-a-half, almost 4 hours and we were nowhere near finishing. As it was almost 2 a.m., we stopped the game. But it was fun. That’s all that mattered. Oh, and it has nice production quality. Nice tiles.

In the meantime I was baking a batch of granola bars for tomorrow’s Sanderling School May Fair. (No, I did not leave it until too late. I felt it was perfectly reasonable to plan to bake a new recipe the night before. It was a very simple recipe. I had a quiet night planned. Is it my fault we found a new game? That the granola did not glom together but kind of fell out of the pan? That the confection, like the game, took twice as long to bake (over 2 hours) and, like the game, was still not done? No, it was not.) In any case, I remixed the batch with half a cup of water, re-oiled the pan and threw the whole thing back in. I will let you know if it actually turns into anything other than cement in the morning, when I remove the pan from the (by then cold) oven.

Kharold says I should just have picked up vegan muffins at Whole Foods when I was there, instead of ingredients. Kharold forgets that I don’t like missing opportunities for homebaking, hand-wrapping, from-the-heart slow foodage. Kharold thinks that muffins would have been just as nice. Kharold would have been wrong. Bad amalgamation! No granola bar for you!


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