Mad rush of cotton

So I’ve been knitting a bit. One of the things I’ve been knitting is hats.


There are eight; one was gifted before this photo was taken. The one with only three stripes–remember that one?–it still needs to be decorated. Hopefully I’ll post that one soon, because I received the baby shower invitation today. Ah, nothing like a deadline to set one to working. Deadlines (aka baby showers) have me with small piles of cotton all over the floor and nearby bookshelves these days. I won’t use acrylic for babies anymore, I just won’t. So cotton it usually is (sometimes I splurge–every baby needs something luxurious, even if it is hand-wash only and is worn only for one afternoon, ever).

I was feeling like the boring one today. My brother has a new 52″ t.v. (to go with the others) and this set me to thinking. We choose not to buy a lot of stuff, to have no t.v. (we have Netflix and a computer), to follow the simple-and-mostly-wood path of toys for the Boy (despite his growing collection of Matchbox cars). I like our quiet house and our food and our books, but I wonder if others come here and think it’s boring. As in dull. It was an interesting thought, because I am never bored. I cannot think of what a luxury it would be! Chris reminded me that what one does does not depend on the accoutrements one buys but the enjoyment or skill one brings to the activity, to the life. A would-be doctor who paid more attention to his equipment than his training would be of little use, but a would-be doctor who wanted to learn to help people would be useful in any corner of the world.

This altered the way I was thinking about it just a bit; that made all the difference.

Currently I’m knitting a cat out of Blue Sky organic cotton for a friend of mine; her Fishie is due in the next month and I plan to send her a little gift-box full of knitted love in the next week or so. I need to finish the sweater and start the socks yet, but they are all fun and baby socks are so easy and quick. And socks stay on better than booties. While I’m knitting the easy parts I’m reading Time Enough For Love (Robert Heinlein) which I’ve never read, and which is reminding me how intelligent and fun and readable Heinlein can be. It’s actually cutting into my knitting time. Hm.


One thought on “Mad rush of cotton

  1. “to follow the simple-and-mostly-wood path of toys for the Boy (despite his growing collection of Matchbox cars)”

    That’s so true here! We’re drowning in cars over here.

    If it were up to me, we’d have no TV but we too have a 52″ plasma but it’s never on during the day with me and my boy. It’s all for my husband. I find it very refreshing to go to a house where there is either no TV or one that is OFF and toys that don’t make noise. Although I’ve been having a hard time dealing b/c we receive so many gifts for our son and they are toys we’d never pick out and naturally he loves them so I feel terrible taking them away. We’ve had SEVERAL talks with the in-laws about not giving him so much. It has had no effect.

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