Hat attack!

Remember this?

Twin hat, naked

No you don’t! You remember this (scroll down). Aha! I have fooled you with a hat that looks very similar to the first hat. The first hat was adorned and in the heat of gift-giving during which time my camera was running with a pack of bad influences in the shop with other broken electronic playthings, I gave it away before photographing it. Suffice to say it was adorned with many sweet sea-creature-type things, including a starfish (excuse me, a sea star), a regular fish or two, an octopus wearing a distinctly nonthreatening smile, and a sailboat, all made of felt and all lovingly sewn to the quite washable cotton hat. It was a nice hat. You’ll have to just imagine it. Now we are moving on from that hat.

Because! Because, last week, the recipient (okay, parents of said recipient) got some fun and exciting news–they have been referred a baby! To adopt, from China! Yes! And that baby is not one, but two babies. Twins, by all that is good and holy. And you see, I knew, I knew deep in that part of me that is reserved for unswerving, faithful premonition, that they would be referred twins, though it is but a rare occurrence. I knew.

I had to make another hat. So I did.

Twin hat, adorned.

And here!

Twin hat, adorned

And here!

Twin hat, still more adorned

I like the whale.

Do forgive the exclamation points. I have been sitting on the memory of no photos of the other hat for so long, it is like A & T were referred twins just so I could make a second hat and relieve my burden. ‘Cause they were, you know. The Secret has revealed that the universe revolves around me. (But you didn’t hear it here.)


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