Shark-cats; or, why I don’t weave much

Our cats are like this:

Ho-hum. La la la. We’re not hungry, we’re not hungry. New food? New water? Whatever.

Oh, wait. You’re eating?

Skulk into the kitchen, dart under the table, rub against legs. Meow pitifully. Try to claw leg to get attention. Ram person’s arm with hard kitty head.

Oh, there’s bread cooling on the table? Quick, let me jump onto the table and lick both loaves.

Oh, there are sunflower and squash seeds sauteeing on the stove? Let me just jump onto the stovetop to show interest in a food that I’ve never been interested in before in my entire life. Kittykabob? Meh.

Good lord, they’re weird lately. They never sharked for food like this before. Yet they hardly eat their own food. I think–sob–I think they may be bored. I don’t quite know what to do about it, but there is something weird going on. Hershey’s item of fetish these days seems to be coconut; Kahlua’s is corn. Any guise. I caught her eating a stale piece of Pirate’s Booty out from under Geeklet’s chair. And everyone around here has already heard the story of me coming to answer the phone, then turning around to see her jump onto my chair and lift an entire ear of corn off of my plate with her teeth and begin ravaging it on my chair. It didn’t even have butter on it.

See? Weird.

In other news, I’m weaving again after a long hiatus. Why so long, one might ask. Well… I figured it out. Knitting I can pick up, put down, throw into my bag, do for two minutes. Weaving is far more stationary, for obvious 200-lb. reasons. And I can do actual weaving for two minutes at a time, but I need a chunk of time initially to set everything up. A chunk of time in which I zone out and become one with the loom (counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 over and over again is quite meditative). I stare at little bitty parts for long minutes. I am not completely aware of my surroundings.

This drives Geeklet mad.

He’s not terribly high-maintenance, but once he gets it into his head that he wants me to play with him he cannot be diverted by dump truck or book. And usually it comes into his head about the time I settle on the floor behind the loom.

Ideally I would have hours on end, strung together in a big long chunk of time; a mug of Darjeeling or English Breakfast by my side and a good podcast or some music playing. If that’s the case, I can get it done in a few hours. If not…

I started my recent project last weekend. I’m still moving heddles from one harness to the next. Anticipation is making me wait.


One thought on “Shark-cats; or, why I don’t weave much

  1. Can’t help with creating large chunks of time unless you move closer so I can Geeklet-sit. 🙂

    But, as for the kitties . . . they might be missing some sort of nutrient or vitamin? Cats can’t digest vegetables; they usually get their vegies from the stomachs of the critters they kill. However, the cat food they’re eating might not have what they need. Might want to ask their vet.

    Or they’re just bored and you’ll have to beat them more to make their life more interesting. Works with my brood.

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