Yarnish and cereal

I have been knitting. No, I can hear you laughing. But I have, a little. See?

The Yellow Sweater

This is Geeklet’s Yellow Sweater. This sweater has gotten around in the last few weeks, as I carry it everywhere and work on it a bit at a time. I’m trying for a kinda-gansey look, but not too heavy or bulky because, well, we live in San Diego and he’s ~3.81 years old. Everything is bulky on him already. Made in Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton (oo, I love this yarn! It’s very soft and lofty and not at all hard to work with like cotton often is, though a teeny bit splitty at times). I have purchased only one ball at a time, in order to minimize the possibility that he’ll change his mind midstream and ask for another color in there, but not so far, and I’m working on the sleeves now (knock wood). (Hence, the ladies at the yarn shop know all about the sweater, and they are so in love with the wee guy that they have begun stocking children’s books.) The pattern has been made up as I go, with the bottom to the armpits in moss stitch, a simple 2×2 rib divider, and sand stitch up top. I’m planning for a roll neck but who knows?

Then there’s this:

'Melia's sweater

My sweet neifling is turning a year old next month and she (I hope) will be receiving this sweater, which I’m calling Camila in honor of a friend of Ben’s whose style it emulates (I hope). The sleeves, I think, will be crochet, though if I don’t find a pattern I like soon–my hands are cramping just thinking about it–I may revert to knitting them. I just thought it would be fun. And no, I’m not defensive about it, though I haven’t crocheted more than an edging in a long time. It has its uses, you know. And it’s fast, and it’s fun, and I was inspired by Lily Chin, who rocks quite a whole lot.

Finally, my Secret Project:

Mystery object

No, not the cat. Pluie is my unwitting model today. Isn’t she pretty? The green will go (it’s a provisional cast-on, and yes it may look blue but it’s green), but the black will stay and I think some gray is coming in somewhere. If you know what this is DO NOT spill the beans as it is planned as an anniversary gift for someone–maybe even not the someone who thinks is the someone. Or something. But you can guess! (It’s been hard to work on this one–first, it is a deceptively difficult pattern because each line has one change from the last line, so it looks like repetitive ribbing but it isn’t; and second, because I have to work on it after TMoTH has gone to bed so he doesn’t see the pattern.) (Yes, I know I just let the someone out of the bag.) (DON’T TELL!)

So, yes, I have been making stuff. See? (However, I can’t seem to type tonight, as my delete button is churning out \\]\ and b’s are c’s for some strange reason.) I’m off to knit me some black wool. How industrial revolution. Just call me retro.

Tomorrow, some of the stuff we’ve been making together. Oo!


One thought on “Yarnish and cereal

  1. And here I thought “yarnish” was some kind of pastry. Perhaps it should become one…

    And no, I don’t know what it is. A black wool tube big enough to cover the cat? Could be anything…

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