The Brooklyn Bridge it is not.

But, it’s got cables, and when I began to knit it the small Boy asked me what I was making.

Me: A hat, with cables on.

Boy: Cables? Can I watch?

Me: (joyful because my boy wants to know about knitting) You sure may. Look here. (Insert pedantic cable explanations)

Boy: Do they have to be strong?

Me: (confused a bit) Strong?

Boy: So that they can support elephants if the elephants walk on the hat. Is it a hat for me?

Me: Elephants?

Boy: (exasperated) Like the Brooklyn Bridge! Cables?

And then it hit me–Geeklet received this book as a Solstice gift, and in it are descriptions of cables holding up the terrific weight of the Brooklyn Bridge, and P.T. Barnum walking elephants across in a famous experiment to publicly show how very strong the massive bridge actually is.

Oh, look! I have a camera again! And so I will show you my first-and-a-half* attempt at cables, of which I’m fairly proud:

My first* cables

Mmm, pretty, no? Yarn is Torino in a yummy cherry color, pattern is my own, adapted from a cable in a wrap in Nicky Epstein’s Knitting Beyond the Edge. It’s definitely a work in progress, as I’ve reached the point where the pattern of the cable section is no longer going to work–specifically, it’s time for decreases. I’m envisioning bobbles. I would not put bobbles on my own head, but for a small guy who likes funky hats? I could go there. Bobbles may increase tensile strength, who knows? And this hat needs to be strong, if elephants are involved.

*First-and-a-half because I began the hat without fully understanding the full meaning of “cables draw in”. My first attempt at a hat for the Boy turned out to be just large enough around that I gave up, sewed the top up paper-bag style, and presented it to a dear friend with a newborn. But as it was only halfway done (in my mind) when I realized this, but I could not bear to rip out all those beautiful cables, I consider it a half project. So there.


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