Usefulness in the age of distraction

So I soldier on, despite having done a silly thing: I announce that I’m working on my Hobbit bag, and then I leave town.

Ah, well.

Still, I’m finding that there are many helpful places for people such as myself, with a yearning, desiring a sense of direction, while as yet unfettered with such baggage as skills.

A search for said helpful places found these:

Earthbag construction–an inexpensive method of creating structures using bunker and dike building techniques. Not really what I need, though who knows how large this thing will become…

Bean-bag construction–rather self-explanatory, actually.

A YouTube video of someone named Carmel hand-painting a bag.

A site selling English carpetbag replicas. (Something about the spring-loaded steel frame scares me–I don’t think Mary Poppins had such volatile weaponry about her person.)

This site discourages one from making one’s own Drag Bag, or at least one with exterior pockets–evidently they catch on foliage as one drags the rifle-filled sack behind one’s camouflaged body in search of what adventure awaits the person ready to shoot it. Oh, and don’t forget to strap a gun to your chest, in case you lose the one you are dragging. See, this is the kind of bag that might have a spring-loaded steel frame.

Pat, it seems, builds boomerangs.

What a world of entertainment this line of inquiry has brought to me! I shall go to my bed with the strains of “Spoonful of Sugar” in my head, visions of men with camouflaged boomerangs building large, inexpensive structures with sand, carpetbags* and barbed wire, and making bean-bags on which to lounge within the inexpensive walls. None of these, of course, has anything to do with Hobbits. I think I’m glad of this.

I think it might be less damaging to my person if I just wing it.


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