There was a yellow sweater…

And then, there wasn’t. And then there was. And then there wasn’t.

And by this weekend, there will be one again.
Yellow Sweater Pt. 3

Last fall (?), the Geeklet asked for a sweater. He wanted a yellow sweater, with some blue at the neck. Simple enough. I began to knit, using Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton on 4.25mm needles. The sweater pieces finished, I began to put them together, and found that I hated it. It was boxy, the pieces looked odd next to each other, it was rather meh.

Take 2: I began another sweater with the Pure Cotton, using Elizabeth Zimmermann’s tomten pattern and the same needles. It was enormous. Grafting the hood gave me a headache. The sleeve holes were bigger than my head. I began the sleeves and ran out of yellow so I began them again in blue and I felt so sad. Yes, I was nearing the end, but while the boy said it was okay, he did not look enthusiastic anymore (could it be the, oh, I don’t know, four month wait?), even when mentioning airplanes. Especially when I mentioned the blue sleeves.

Friday morning I took the sweater by the grafted horns and began ripping out. But with a purpose. The picture above shows the completed NEW sweater back and the beginning of one front. It’s now Monday evening and I’ve completed the back and both fronts including short-row decreases on the shoulder shaping (thank you, Knitty!). Tonight I begin a sleeve.

I know it’s tempting the gods, especially with my history of Making Declarations (cough, ahem), but this sweater will be done by next weekend. I do not want it hanging around my neck anymore–I want it hanging around the boy’s neck. I’ve now completed what should have been two and a half sweaters’ worth of sweaters–or enough for one whole sweater for me. As someone who has yet to make a sweater for myself, that’s frustration, right there.

So meet me here, Sunday night. There’ll be some blogging, and there will be a completed yellow sweater. It will be done by next weekend. (TMoTH says to envision that last sentence in the voice of Death.)


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