There IS a yellow sweater

Yes, indeedy. I finished it.

The yellow sweater is DONE.

I completed the knitting on Friday but because of other projects was not able to sew it up until Sunday, at which point I realized that my internet connection was stupid (aka nonresponsive) and I was unable to share the joy. Geeklet seems pretty happy, though.

Geeklet joy.

When I showed it to him, he showed some disbelief that it was done. Um, okay, next time it won’t take so long, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry! It is the squishiest sweater I’ve ever knit. I thought I’d blocked out all the squish and that made me sad, but no! Instead, it is what you expect a cotton sweater to be–lofty, soft, cuddly. I’m afraid to wash it ever again for fear it will change into one of those lumpy, dishcloth-textured garments. Iron sweater. Ugh.

One week. I could have been done ages ago. Ah, well. Does this qualify me as a “process” knitter? I always thought that process knitters were so zen. That they had their priorities on straight. That would be fabulous. Except I’m not completely a process knitter, because I know how long my projects list is, and being completely process would not Work with My Deadlines. (Ahem, with the deadlines imposed upon me, of course. These are deadlines imposed by babies who are waiting to be born. These babies care not one whit about me, about my stress levels or concerns with aesthetics or gauge or tension. These babies do not have me in mind. Still, I knit for them, because all babies deserve handknits. It’s like air. You deserve it when you are a baby.)

So, process knitter? I’m very focused on deadlines… Not very process.
I want to clothe babies in handknits… kind of process.
I want them to be beautiful… kind of kind of process.
I want to enjoy knitting them… bingo.



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