Pile it high

See, I said I would get it done, and here we are chugging along. Putt putt putt putt putt….

I'll be so blue

Deana, if you’re quick you can spot some familiar fabric (scraps from the wedding quilt I made for her and her sweet young thing way back in the day. Way back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and we all lived in caves. You can see evidence of proto-quilt culture on underground burial vaults. Didn’t you know?)

This is a pile of piled-high bits destined to wrap baby Luke in. Eventually it will all be sewn together, and look more like a wee blanket than a colorful appendix.


One thought on “Pile it high

  1. I didn’t know you knew I was peeking, so I kept quiet. We’re excited, and yes, I do recognize some of the fabric because I wake up looking at it every day. Yay!

    It’s looking like he’ll be very big (94th percentile, including a 93rd percentile head circumference). Given how big I was (almost 9 pounds despite Mom smoking the entire pregnancy (and through 13 hours of labor before a c-section – seriously)), and how big my sister’s sons were, this isn’t exactly a surprise. No newborn clothes for this guy.

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