It’s spindlelicious.

Felting my foot

I love this yarn. I purchased it as a needlefelting pack of blended pencil roving, but it didn’t say “needle felt me!” which is good because I don’t needle felt. Really. I am trying to get it. I have a needlefelted Stuart Little doll on my worktable and it is oddly soft and airy, like it is going to fall apart and blow away if Geeklet plays with it, no matter how often I stab its all-too-unfortunately-effigy-like body. Also, it lacks a head. Well. It has a head. It sits aside the body, like a denim-clad latter-day Headless Horseman. Mouse. Whatever.

In any case, this called for my spindle, and thus to the call I rode. I thought it would muddy, turn dull, feel camouflage-y. It had a completely unexpected teal streak in it. I was afraid to mess up the coloration by plying it on itself, and I wasn’t sure what else to do, so I cable-plied it on the spindle using Tammy Rizzo’s Ply-on-the-Fly technique. It’s genius, that.

So here it sits, after being photographed outside of Geeklet’s dance studio, and the worst part is that it is one single skein of loveliness. Or maybe? Maybe the worst part is that it is one single skein, and the shop where I bought the roving is literally across the street from the dance studio.


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