Sometimes I disparage my dishcloths.

They are inexpensive, waffle weave, Cost Plus dishcloths. There is nothing wrong with them. But I want my kitchen, in all its rental glory, to feel loved, well used. I want to begin to make the kinds of things I can hope my grandchildren will fight over “because Gran used them, they were vintage, they were awesome like that.” Isn’t that what we all yearn for, a little bloodshed on our behalf by the next generation?

A friend with Exquisite Taste has handknit dishcloths made by her mother-in-law. I covet them. But wait! I hear you say. You are a Knitter. Make them yourself! And it was so.


I’ve been on a dishcloth kick. I figure I’ll let myself stop when I’ve got a drawer full, or at least eight days’ worth. That’s what it says in the Bible, right? Okay, maybe not. But I do laundry once a week, so I have to have at least enough to get me through one week. I’m on number 7.

They’re kind of addictive. They’re basically one big square, a 40 stitch (plus or minus) square, garter-stitch-bordered, knit up of whatever fun pattern catches my attention in my stitch dictionary. I prefer the ones with texture, for obvious reasons. They’re knit up of Sugar ‘n Cream and go amazingly fast for cotton. I like them too because they give me an excuse to use the only pair of straights I have.

By the way? This is a very good Lesson in Swatching.
Why swatching is good.
Yes, this really is a parallelogram. No, I did not mean it that way. It’s merely the stitch pattern asserting itself upon the will of the yarn. Better a dishcloth than my sweater, I feel. So swatch, people, swatch!


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