A new boarder.

So I’d rented a spinning wheel. I enjoyed it, but we’d agreed that our tiny apartment really couldn’t handle me having another Big Fiber Toy unless one of the looms goes away. This makes me cry tiny baby tears, but I understand and agree. Unfortunately, despite their sometimes frustrating stubbornness in refusing to warp themselves while I’m asleep, I love my looms. Both girls are dear to my heart and it’s very hard to imagine getting rid of one of them.

So, on with the story. I returned the spinning wheel a week or two ago. It was needed for the kind and generous soul who will actually be demonstrating spinning at the San Diego County Fair. (Hint: not me.) While we were talking at the gate, our lovely equipment coordinator remembered that she has a small spinning wheel donated by a now-deceased member, and it’s gathering dust, and would I like to try it?

Hoo mama.

Our new boarder

She’s fast, I was warned. Oh boy is she fast. I like this, as I tend to spin fine yarns and then park for a while and draft out. She’s beautiful. She is a Haldane spinning wheel, crafted in Fife in Scotland, and I keep wondering about her provenance, because “Haldane” sounds Scandinavian and I wonder about the Scandinavian-Scots connection. There is little online that I’ve found so far.

She’s also tiny. She fits into the corner between the bookcase and the wall, and this pleases the part of me that likes nooks and things to fit into nooks.

Our equipment coordinator explained that she isn’t needed for rentals and that I can “keep her indefinitely”. So we have a new boarder, a Scots-Viking boarder, whose name has not come to me yet. But it will. Perhaps as I’m spinning something fabulous.


2 thoughts on “A new boarder.

  1. No, but it’s from Knitterly. It’s actually supposed to be for needlefelting, but it is spinning up so nicely.

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