Sweater sizes.

I made my friend’s baby some presents.
Luke's star sweater
Luke's friendship star quilt
Yes, it is only now that I realize Boy Geeklet is gnawing on the quilt. Oy.

So I worried about the sweater. D said that the baby was going to be big… and so I knit the sweater big. Big big. This child is going to fit this “newborn” sweater until he is two. I have to remind myself that regarding baby clothes, it doesn’t matter as long as the item is on the large size, because for the most part, babies grow.

I was looking at the pictures of the baby. He’s cute, and to me he looks a lot like my friend. I remember this theory I had after wee guy was born. Everyone kept saying how much he looked like me. I could see it, though maybe because he did look like me I could see the parts that didn’t look like me quite clearly. Anyway, I had this blurry theory (of course a lot of things were blurry back then), and it went something like this: It is evolutionarily sound for baby to look like mama. Why? Because dad is a suspicious fellow, always certain in the back of his mind that he’s been cuckolded, on the lookout for how he’s spending his resources. He has a suspicion that baby is actually Guy-From-The-Wine-Bar’s baby. But then out comes baby, and baby looks like mama, and after all dad loves mama and wants to love baby. Baby is so cute and looks like mama and by the time he begins to develop more of dad’s looks, dad is a big ball of goo where baby is concerned and has forgotten all about his suspicions.

Of course, this only works if Guy-From-The-Wine-Bar isn’t singularly different from dad in some genetically inheritable way, like he has blazingly red hair or pale pale skin or a distinctive fur pattern (if he’s a monkey). Which goes to show that if this is a situation of interest to you then you should be careful, in love, in reproduction, and in fur pattern.

However, if you are more interested in sweater sizes, don’t worry. Unless it has three arms, or discovered its inner sock-ness somewhere along the line, it will eventually fit. I hope.


One thought on “Sweater sizes.

  1. I kept having an irrational concern about what would happen if the baby was somehow (impossibly) ethnically different from what we expected – bright red hair or dark brown skin or something like that. But no, you’re right, the consensus is that he looks like Mommy. He’s growing more brown hair all the time, which threw me because I was pretty blonde as a kid and Glen was a towheaded boy. His eyes are a dark indigo blue that looks brown or gray or grayish green at different moments. They’ll probably be brown too. No evidence of dimples yet, despite having them in both parents.

    We love the quilt, and we haven’t tried on the sweater yet (but it is very, very cute). He’s big (up to 9 lbs, 12 oz and 21 inches long on Monday) but not big enough to wear it yet. Plus it’s been hot and humid here – he’s not wearing much other than onesies or t-shirts.

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