Dinosaurs in Treehouse

Dinos in the house. Seriously.

Geeklet has found a love that almost surpasses his love of things Space. He has discovered dinosaurs.

Yes, I realize that all boys of about 4.5 years (give or take) discover dinosaurs. I am not claiming that he is out of the ordinary (though as his mother, you realize that this is a base lie, and I do think he is extraordinary. I’m allowed). Building tools have become illustrative objects, hence:

Lego dinosaurs
Iguanodon and Protoceratops.

More Lego dinosaurs
Protoceratops and Triceratops

We jumped in with a vengeance. He loves words, and dinosaurs are merely categories of words–which dinosaurs lived in the Triassic, which in the Jurassic, which in the Cretaceous; early or late; predator or herbivore; saurischian or ornithischian; small theropod, deinonychosaur, or carnosaur; sauropod or hadrosaur or or or… We talk about the etymology of dinosaur names a lot.

My favorite story so far (Note: Pachycephalosaurus was a dinosaur with a skull about the thickness and density of a bowling ball. Males are thought to have bumped heads together to fight over or impress potential mates): Geeklet and I were at swim class, with me sitting near him while he was in the pool, waiting for his instructor. He turned to me.
Boy, trying to butt me in the head with his head: We are pachycephalosaurs!
Me: No, we’re not.
Boy, vehemently: Yes we are! Butt, butt.
Me, struggling with wet wiggly pachycephaloBoy: No, we’re not!
Boy: YES, we ARE!
Me: No, we’re not! If you’re a pachycephalosaur, I’m a parasaurolophus and you are adopted!
I look up and there is Swim Instructor Guy. I’m really not sure what he thinks of us.

We played with clay:
Good mother lizard
Here’s our Maiasaura family, complete with mother, juvenile, nest of eggs, and representative food source. The Boy contributed the nest with eggs.

Another one:
Geeklet laying eggs.
This one is my little Compsognathus with baby, and here is Geeklet making a nest with eggs.

We let these dry. These were done a few weeks ago, but a week and a half ago the guy and I flew up to Seattle to be with friends who just had a baby. TMoTH stayed home to work and, oh, lay about reading trashy novels in the evenings (or something. I’m told he worked. I’ve heard he’s insane so I wouldn’t put it past him, though I think the occasional evening of eating French Fries for dinner and reading Friday in your undershorts is good for you.) We’ve been communicating via video iChat and yesterday he showed us how our dinosaurs have dried by letting them dance for the camera. Boy was happy, so happy.

More dinosaurs to come, I am sure.


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