We came back in due course, with much luggage.

So we are back.

Geeky B and I just spent six lovely weeks with two good friends who invited us to share in their first six weeks with their newborn son. Dear Sasha (and I can call him that here because no one else does) is a beautiful baby and I miss him terribly. And his parents too, of course.
Sleepy Sosh
How can you not love him? And he’s brilliant.

I will likely be referring to many photos of our trip in coming weeks. This past period of time has been rather surreal, kind of liminal really; I felt awkward sending emails, like you might trying to send emails from Middle Earth. I wanted to don linen and read books and I think I knit about 2 inches on a facecloth, total, in the whole time I was there. Granted, I worked on Sosh’s baby quilt, which because it was an earlier birth than expected was not finished and therefore became the all-hand-quilted quilt and is STILL NOT DONE (pictures to come, obviously).

But there is one thing that must be mentioned:

Meet GnomeBoy.
Geeklet’s alter ego, a Norwegian nissen immigrant with a heart of gold–probably yours. Feed him oatcakes and milk and he’ll… well, I’d like to say he’ll help with your housework and be a stealthy member of the family, but most likely he’ll just ask for more oatcakes and milk.

Perhaps I paint him badly.


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