Serious missing.

In light of all the political craziness and politicians who make me crazy (and look! I’m not linking! I’m not even going to list a name!) and in light of recent economic craziness that I find repugnant (I swear, Sage Tyrtle is totally converting me to the Church of Canada), I choose to share with the world a bit of light. A moment, a memory glowing from the darkness.

I miss Crystal Gayle.

Don’t you?

I do! I do! I’ve had “you can eat crackers in my bed, anytime, baby” in my head all evening. It coincides with a discussion TMoTh and I had about Washington Mutual crashing. Suddenly the jewel’d tones of Crystal’s overburdened throat (all that hair!) came into my head. “Do anything as long as you’re by. my. si. hide/ You can eat crackers in my bed, anyti. hime”. That hair. Sweeping her ankles in an angelic not-black ocean wave. I’ve always imagined her with cushions on bookshelves and pedestals about 5 feet off the ground, all around her house, where she could just… rest. Take a load off.

People make me crazy sometimes. But Crystal? She has a message for the those in charge of all this mayhem.

Don’tcha make my brown eyes blue.

Even though mine are. Blue I mean. Already.


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