Checking in

Aw, honey: English honey to run out before Christmas (Telegraph) So, so sad. It makes me want to grow more things. Sometimes I wonder if the beautiful-leaves-but-lack-of-produce problem we have sometimes is due to bees. I so want a beehive, but I doubt the landlady would go for it.

So fun it’s not really work: Think! A Program Designed to Encourage Kids to Think Outside of the Box is a weekly challenge along the lines of building a working bridge out of balsa wood and seeing how heavy a load it can take. Geeklet is almost 5 (head between my knees, a little woozy here) and getting old enough for some of this kind of thing. A new challenge is posted each weekend.

Old favorite offers Fingerpuppet Politicians (go ahead, make your joke). Wee G may need an Obama puppet, but I’m afraid of what he’d do to a McCain. Then again, he needs someone to be the Bad Knight attacking the castle…


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