Baby Beluga bunting

Or Badoufa, I should say. I finished it, three and a half months after he was born:

The Badoufa quilt!
Badoufa quilt
Baby Badoufa in the deep blue sea
Swim so wild and you swim so free
Heaven above
Sea below
And an intrepid wee Badoufa on the go!

I like the puffins:

Okay, and the crab too:
crab & star

There are more close-ups over at Flickr.

I hope that years and years from now, when he takes it out and sees the worn patches, the puffins with no eyes and the dirty flannel whales, that he will feel that he was loved and wanted and anticipated with joy. Every baby deserves that, and if a bit of fabric to wrap the baby ‘doufa in can give him warm fuzzies, then I’m happy to oblige. But I only make quilts for my favorite babies. (You know who you are.)

Oh! And G and I made raisins!
We made raisins!
Because, when you have a multitude of tiny tiny grapes, and hot dry weather, you make raisins, right? They were going along fine and then it turned cold and damp (yay!) on about day 4, so into the oven they went before they could get moldy. I left them in a bit long and they ended up slightly crusty/chewy, which wasn’t so good for regular raisin use but had a caramelly kind of flavor that I liked. I’d make them again. But I hope we don’t have the weather for it for a while.

Today was our first Camp Fire club meeting. It went really well, and we were lucky enough to be able to meet at the camp’s grounds (walking distance from our apartment, yay, with a multitude of rambunctious squirrels to keep the small fry distracted). We have grand plans for future gatherings. I could tell you some of them, but then I’d have to knock you over the head unconscious or give you a BWG club jacket, and well, I don’t know if you’re ready.

Confused? Not a Trixie Belden fan? Sigh. I had such hopes.


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