Making things makes me happy.

art drying on the line

art drying on the line

Making things makes me happy. So I get so excited when Boy Geeklet shows interest. He started painting one day and just kept going, so I threw fabric at him and he painted all over it. This is it, drying on the mini-clothesline in the front of the house. I don’t know what to do with them now, but they’re beautiful.

Avery's quilt

Avery's quilt

My niece, whom TMoTh has nicknamed Alien, was born in the fall, and I don’t think I posted a picture of her quilt. It was fun to make, and so easy to design.

Funny–I’m posting because I’m still too sick to be expending too much energy to do the other things that usually keep me from remembering to post. But that means that my brain doesn’t work very well right now!

G and I have begun George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin, and he is intrigued.
Me: So, are you enjoying it so far?
G: Ye…esss. [Thoughtful pause.] I like Princess Irene, and I like Curdie. I’m not too happy about the Goblins. But we can keep going.

This is big for him. It used to be that if there was any scary element, we just could not continue. It took us months to return to The Wind in the Willows after reading Chapter 4, relating Ratty and Mole’s scary adventure in the Wild Wood. So either he really likes it, or he’s changing some big way. (Probably both.) So I wonder if we can return to Grimm’s? He has historically refused to let me read them to him. Hmm…

[On a side note, I have discovered The Well-Trained Mind and Classical approach homeschooling. It’s becoming part of the Process. But evidently I’ve been incorporating W-TM techniques as a matter of course for years and didn’t even know it. It’s kind of empowering.]


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