Take a deep breath.

The last time I posted it was February and I had to give up. I’d been sick for weeks and weeks and I continued to be sick until March. Then life got fun.

Fun, in good ways, like going to the zoo with friends, examining leaves, sending letters to pen pals. And fun, in not so good ways, like spending this last week with Wee G running a temp of 102 and coughing and shnuffling, while TMoTH tried not to implode from the weight of all the fun he was having preparing for the San Diego Space Society‘s awesomely successful San Diego Space Festival booth. Late nights with not enough sleep was wearing on us, and the boy was having way too many days of too-sick-to-do-school, change-in-routine, with restless nights in the bargain. Then Whee Excitement on Saturday. Today we’re all exhausted.

But my sweet one gave me an hour to weave, and he took a 2 hour nap. This was good, because the boy is going to have a hard time getting used to routine again, and we’ll both need the rest. But our guy will be glad of it after a day or three.

Why am I up? If I’m so tired, shouldn’t I be in bed? Yes, but you see, I have bread dough rising. I have to wait until 11:30 to shape my Pane Siciliano from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice into enticing (I hope!) S-curves and put it in the fridge. Hopefully I’ll be in bed by midnight with bread to bake in the morning. I hope. I’ve not ever made this recipe before…

And then the week begins again. Before I go to bed, I need to decide what to read in the morning. Morning reading has become a beloved time for Boy Geeklet, and what we read really does set the stage for our mornings.


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