Week 2 of School

We’ve spent one week in school
and it’s been good
We’ve had a story or two
and beeswax animals
There’s jam and kale for lunch
a fairy bower on the grass
And Boy is having lots of fun
pretending he’s a cat
He wants to have some circle time
we will
He doesn’t know it yet but then
I haven’t got it down
This week is another story
Some puppets
and French bread
Solar dyeing Otis wool
in giant garbage bags
We’ll start some Baum and
build a fort
And sing a few last summer songs
Then we’ll head off to MoA
to look for animals
in the art.

(Thanks to Marian Call for the music in my head.)


One thought on “Week 2 of School

  1. Lovely Lyrical Karen,
    Tell me about the music. I don’t do enough music and now my big boy is expanding his horizons and interested in much more variety. In particular interested in the playlist for Little House inspired tunes if you would share as we will be reading Big Woods starting this week.
    BTW, I read Mossflower to Lev and we loved it (the prequel) but then decided it was too violent for him. It comes out in his play. We will enjoy it when he’s older. I thought the writing to be quite nice – certainly the vocabulary is excellent.
    Let me know how you like Mushroom Planet. It looks delightful.

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