Tall Men and Flying Time

Has it really been two months? Ridiculous. Ahh. In any case, I’ve been busy, even if the blog has not.

Right now I’m working on a comforter for the bed. I keep wanting to call it a quilt, and then catching myself, because it is only three layers–top, wool batting, bottom. Except the top and bottom, while they are technically 108″ x 108″, are somewhat smaller than the king-size batting, at 120″ x 120″. So I’m adding borders. Still, it doesn’t feel like a quilt because it isn’t really pieced. I’m planning to tie it, not quilt it. Because it is huge.

HUGE. Do you know how big a piece of fabric 108″ square actually is? That’s nine feet square. The size of our living room, it is, almost. I sewed the strips for the borders and each side is long enough, when I hang it over a door to keep it from wrinkling (ha!) to nearly reach the floor on each side.

I have a theory. Remember all the people who say that in the old days, people were shorter? And then they are surprised when they dig up George Washington and he was six feet tall? I don’t think people were shorter. I think the women refused to sew quilts that required a hacksaw to cut and a map to sew together. Paul Bunyan maybe, but Martha Washington? Uh-uh.


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