Merry Yuletide to All!

As has been the case with the entire past three months of homeschool first grade (which will need to be another post entirely), Yule has not gone as anticipated. Illness and exhaustion on the part of myself and my sweetie mean that our annual holiday goofiness parade (i.e., our holiday party) was cancelled and, as yet, we have not baked a single cookie. (Every day I say, “Tomorrow we’re going to bake cookies,” in some conversation to someone. I really mean it, too.)

Tomorrow we’re going to bake cookies. At least a gingerbread house. Mother Holle needs a house!

However, my silver lining is having a seven-year-old who is learning to love ritual as much as I do. On the night before solstice, we were ready to begin our celebration with our traditional spiral of greens in the back yard, which we walk with candles. (I’ve never taken photos, as we’re in the midst of a sacred celebration and all, but if you google “winter spiral” there are enough photos to give you the idea.) However, that evening, our back yard was a pond. I would say a lake, but that would be hyperbole. I only sank up to my ankle.

The boy came to the ready. Instead of accepting our weak cries of “but it’s raining,” the boy suggested that we do a spiral inside. Nice idea, but the greens were in the trunk of the car, in the rain. (See? Even typing it sounds lame. But the entire car was covered in a tarp because it leaks dreadfully in the rain. Extracting said greens = uncovering the car.) Pas de probleme: voila, a spiral of silks. Green silk scarves formed a small spiral on our kitchen floor, which we carefully walked with our apple-candles.

I love my boy.

Happy solstice, everyone.


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