Movin’ right along, dug-a-dunk, dug-a-dunk

Holy cow, this bus is rolling.

So far, so good. Fourth day of the year (this was posted a few hours after it was written) and I’ve done some kind of focused, creative work for myself every day. Last night was the test: I found myself doing dishes at 11:40 p.m. and had to stop and reevaluate the use to which I was putting my time.

Seriously. There was actual thought involved in whether I would do something interesting and creative, or do the dishes. Despite the zen/meditative quality of certain household tasks, this really ought not to have been a difficult decision.

But once I sat down and began sketching, I worked for a solid half hour before bed. Time just flew and I found myself looking up, blinking, thirsty, and amazed it wasn’t only five minutes later. I make no claims as to the importance or relative greatness of my activities. My only criteria be that they require real creative efforts on my part, for some stretch of time–five, ten, twenty minutes would be fine, but it can’t be absentminded doodling and it can’t be while I’m doing three other things.

Which is why I now bid you good night.


One thought on “Movin’ right along, dug-a-dunk, dug-a-dunk

  1. Yay!

    As much as I am a fan of sleep, I’m glad you made some time for creativity.

    Clean dishes will always find ways to get dirty again, but the beauty you create will stay beautiful.

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