Pithy, also known as succinct.

A friend of mine has begun a blog (no, I won’t link because I don’t know if she wants me to) and right now she is challenging herself to write posts that are 100 words long. No longer or shorter. Counted as 100 words by WordPress. I decided to give it a try. On the Sundays to come, I’m going to try writing my posts in 100 words. I don’t know how long it will last, but I like the idea of using one night a week as an opportunity to explore a writing exercise. So here goes.

100 Words: Status Report
“Make” has been a successful word for me in January. I’ve found that seeking out opportunities for expressing creative energies is becoming a habit. I feel like I’m stretching after a long night’s sleep. I’m not painting the Sistine Chapel. I’m weaving, or planning a project, studying diagrams and using colored pencils and daydreaming with pen in hand. I’m planning a piece of applique art. I’m drawing and painting more. I’m writing more. And I’m seeing more in my everyday to inspire me. I’m scaling the biggest hurdle: it isn’t the Sistine Chapel, so is it worth doing at all?


3 thoughts on “Pithy, also known as succinct.

  1. Sounds more like a starvation diet to me. Much worse than exercise. Heh.
    Because you know how I love to use 1000’s of words to clear my throat.
    And I love your words too!
    So, I will allow this for the time being I suppose I don’t have any choice.

  2. It’s absolutely worth it!!! I think every touch of beauty we add gives breath to those around us. Your artwork and the beauty in your home has certainly inspired me. The unique quality of something handmade sings in contrast to the dullness of machine-created everything else.

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