Wales to London, Day 6

Bizarre girls. Who knew? Well, BBC Four did, evidently. Miss Clarice Cliff and her Bizarre Ware, making pottery and feeling that she was a part of the process and just as important to the process as the end product. Susie Cooper, who wanted to create and to use her creativity to create things both of utility and beauty. While BBC Four indicates that the were rivals in the early years of the 1900s, working the area known as The Potteries and then beginning their own businesses, what I think I’ll take away those aspects Mr. Wilson, speaking now, whose father was a potter and directed the factory, speaks of: the community of the creators, mothers and fathers teaching daughters and sons how to make the objects. I’ll take away Susie Cooper’s attitude that everyone, not just those who are wealthy, can have taste and discernment, an eye for beauty and the usefulness of the everyday object. And Clarice Cliff reminds me than my own hand and head and heart have impact on the things I make and give.

It seems pretty fitting that this documentary is the first thing I saw when I turned on the TV in my hotel room tonight. Big giant thanks to everyone who made my weekend in Pembrokeshire so amazing.

Now, off to wander the night stress of London, in search of my hotel.


3 thoughts on “Wales to London, Day 6

  1. Hey Karen. I was just checking out your Blog as Brenda gave me the task of typing in everyone’s contact details for P3… naturally my attention wandered.

    Great blog, thought I would pass on a book recommendation seeing that you mentioned a passing interest in ceramics… and I think you mentioned something about art/craft debate somewhere in this excellent blog.
    This book Moira Vincentelli – Women Potters: transforming traditions may be of interest… or not.


    • Thanks, Tonia, for both the recommendation and the compliment. The book does sound interesting and I plan to look it up. Take care!

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