Journey on.

Ah, the Hobbit quilt is finished.  It’s all quilted and I’ve sewn on the binding.  I’m pleased with it–it’s nice to snuggle under and it has one red line of quilting visible, because Bilbo likes to mark his rambles on maps in red.  It’s fun to let your finger pick a line and follow it from the Shire all the way in.  So,


His journey makes its way all the way from the Shire (seen here in green) through “pony rides in May sunshine,”


to the trolls (the stone print) and then Rivendell (the dark ferny green).  Then it’s through the dark goblin caves of the Misty Mountains, then into the forest and agh!  Fire!


After the fire in the treetops (here represented by a line of squares sometimes flamy red, sometimes very fiery leaves), rescue by eagles is good (swirly blue “sky”).  Visiting Beorn in his lovely flowery golden honeybee fields (some of these are flannel, yum!).  Then, a long trek (two rows!) through Mirkwood, and the swirly brown/purple represents the under-mountain lair of the Elven King and and the bumpy journey of Barrels Out of Bond.


Then, the journey down the river and finally, to the Long Lake. Much blue here.


The Desolation of Smaug.  Doesn’t that khaki just look desolate?  The Battle of Five Armies in the flashy bright red.  And, in the center, the Lonely Mountain…


…the Lonely Mountain, awaiting its dragon.   B designed it, and I embroidered it.  (A little emotional support there from Alicia Paulson‘s book Embroidery Companion:  Classic Designs for Modern Living–I’d never embroidered on a quilt before.)

And, the completed quilt (except that I now notice that this was before Smaug was embroidered, but you get the idea!):


The backing is a million tiny gold rings on yellow.  A dragon has to have his hoard.


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