Happy New Year! Okay, so it’s a little bit later than New Year’s. If it helps, I only just this Friday hung up our January page of the new calendar. It’s taking a bit of time to glue all the bits of paper together, and I’ve discovered that if I want us to make our calendar from scratch, planning to make it during the week before New Year’s just isn’t going to work. It has to be, say, November. Or August.

However, I became tired of looking over to see what day it was and finding that it was still December, because I know that this is not true and I don’t like my calendar to lie to me.

I hung up the new January page and voila! It was 2013! Try it sometime when the novelty of the new year is fading. It’s surprising how startling it is to see “January” on the wall, the first few days that it’s up. And, because I’ve only just hung it up even though it is now, admittedly, more than halfway over, it is refreshingly free of calendrical items. It looks so bare and clean after December. It looks… relaxed.

I spent some time in the early part of the year making kitchen towels.

Kitchen towels

Why, you ask? Well, many of ours had gone the way of overused fabric, and my beloved kitchen towel shelf, the one that gives me hopes of living in a Brambly Hedge cottage (sans mice) someday, was threatening to empty. I didn’t like most of what I found, so I made some. It feels good to put in supplies for the new year. New pens, new calendar, new socks, and kitchen towels. Piles of plaid and stripy goodness that are just the right size to use as a bread towel.

I am continuing the quest to blanket our house, or at least our home. I finished the Little House quilt and laid it on the bed to photograph, back in November. It has just stayed there. I mean, it gets used and taken off when I strip the bed and such, but its home is now on the bed and it makes the room very happy. I enjoyed it so much that I started another one, this time based on The Hobbit.

Now, I am not going to comment on the film. I have very strong feelings about it. Enough said.

But I love the book.

And so, I started a Hobbit quilt. And I’ve been rather pleased with it so far. All of the fabric for the top has come from my stash, so it may not have been what I envisioned when I first began, but it’s turning into such a warm and inviting little quilt. Now to embroider on the spiders and the dragon…