Goodness knows what nausea means.

My favorite Flintstone cartoon was the one where Fred and Barney buy a boat. Fred wants to call it “Nautical Queen” and Barney wants to call it “Queen of the Sea.” So they agree on the first three letters of Fred’s chosen name and the last three of Barney’s: Nau-sea.

Welcome to the good ship Nausea. Hooray!

This is pretty much appropos of nothing, except that I’m on the verge of the flu, in that I have headaches and nausea and I’m so, so tired all the time that I’ve been considering naps. Yes, NAPS. Me. I haven’t been actually napping, or I’d put the nausea down to the naps. So, I’m taking lots of echinacea and occilococcicum and I feel like it’s just on the verge of going away. Don’t tell me that it is a food allergy thing. I’m too tired to throw something at you.

Because of me feeling kind-of sort-of sick, and because Chris went into work in the afternoon yesterday being that he had to stay really late, it’s felt like an unusual week. So we’re more unschooly than usual, which, in the first few days of doing it, usually feels awfully productive before it spirals into complete lack of anything. And so it did today. We did all kinds of nature study and garden work, some spelling and reading, and dance class. I figure I’ll let it be loose this week and try to rein it in next week. When the good ship Nausea has sailed. We hope.