Silky. Webby.

I recently learned that you can spin spider silk. I am inspired, and yet intimidated by the gathering of materials. Not so much the spiders–I have a healthy respect for spiders, but am not so much of the squealy-fear-of-spiders camp. No, it’s because spiders can spin 5 or so different kinds of silk and I’d hate to destroy a perfectly good web just to find out that it was Web Silk #5, Super Sticky for the Bugs That Go Crunch, and not (as I’d want) Silk #2, Raceway Silk, for the easily-replaced leaders that go up to the web and are themselves not sticky.

Also, I think it’d take a while to gather even enough to make, oh, anything. I have other things to do.

The next time I find myself on some kind of Indiana Jones-type adventure with many spiderwebs just hanging around, I won’t get all grossed out by the skeletons. While Indy plucks some priceless artifact in preface to mayhem and much running, I’ll gather some of the multitude of waving spiderweb banners.

That’s the problem with sidekicks. They just aren’t all that pragmatic.