Snort, with hanky.

Today is that day in a cold when you know you are on the mend, mostly, but should really still take it easy, but don’t. You know it will just extend the darn thing, but you want to do stuff that make you feel like a competent member of the human race who adds to the sum total of our existence as tool users people who have religion sometimes people who film other animals for enjoyment. So, all y’all, be glad, for I sewed pajama pants of flannel and scrubbed the kitchen sink. And no one filmed me, at all.

I have been weaving some, really. Mostly working on this:

See how it’s artfully crumpled? That’s so you won’t see the godawful selvedges I’ve got. No, really, they’re terrible. They started as 8 ends on either side of the edge ribbons-of-color, and ended with none on one side and two on the other. My reed ate my selvedges. The back of the loom looked like a broken spider web. Here’s what it looks like, a little smoother (and you can see those edges just disappear, like magic):

So the effort has been to correct the selvedge-eating habits of the loom, which is rather a loom sauvage as it was hidden in a closet in the dark for 20 years before I found it. I have exposed it to gentle sunlight and taught it a little proper posture. Perhaps soon some civilized selvedges will emerge? One can only hope. This project has been on the loom for almost six months. (Um. Maybe that’s why it’s cranky. I’d probably shred things with my teeth after six months, too.) Here’s to effort:

Yes, I use Tolkein as an impromptu temple. Don’t you?