Prince Rose and Princess Caroleen have attained the throne.

In the car this evening, I was introduced to what may be my next soap opera: The Saga of the English Crown, ca. 1000 years from now, as envisioned by the boy.

1000 years from now, King Peace and Queen Catherine are on the throne of England. They have two children, Princess Caroleen and Prince Rose, who share a birthday but are 10 years apart. Princess Caroleen is 14, her brother 4, and for his fourth birthday the princess has just given her brother the small black rocketship that she herself was given for her own birthday not long before, because she wants him to love spaceflight just as she does.

The people of Earth (and, naturally, England) have known about the inhabitants of Mars for about 200 years. They have watched as they grew and developed from small creatures to creatures capable of building their own spaceships and now, they realize that these Martians are planning to invade Earth!

It is 10 years later now, Princess Caroleen is 18, her brother is 8. Her father has died and she has ascended the throne. As is her choice in her country, she has chosen her brother to be king alongside her as she becomes queen, and as we join our heroes they are about to check out the invasion threat in Prince Rose’s little black rocketship and Queen Isabella, Catherine’s mother, watches over things while they are gone…