More journeying. Also, peril.

Ah, the Hobbit quilt continues. It’s all quilted and I’ve been sewing on the binding. I’m pleased with it–it’s nice to snuggle under and it has one red line of quilting visible, because Bilbo likes to mark his rambles on maps in red. His journey makes its way all the way from the Shire through “pony rides in May sunshine,” to the trolls and then Rivendell. Then it’s through the dark goblin caves of the Misty Mountains, then into the forest and agh! Fire!  Rescue by eagles is good.  Visiting Beorn, a long trek (two rows!) through Mirkwood, and Barrels Out of Bond. Then, the journey down the river and finally, to the Long Lake. The Desolation of Smaug. The Battle of Five Armies. And, in the center, the Lonely Mountain, awaiting its dragon.

I’m kind of glad it isn’t done yet. It’s a fun project and almost more fun in my imagination.  I like best that it doesn’t have anything absolutely identifiable that says This Is A Hobbit Quilt, unless you are wondering and you ask me.  Or if you walk in my house.  I might just attack you with this information.  Because it’s fun to talk about.  And Geeklet likes to trace the quilted “journey” lines to the center… where does this one go?

The other day, poor G fell and came in to ask for comfort.  He was truly quite upset, and I tried to figure out what had happened, what was hurting.

Me:  What did you hit?

The Boy, incredulous:  The floor.